Over the past few days, there has been a lot of discussions regarding the Glasgow Derby next week at Celtic Park and whether it will be on or not.

After some positive talks, it looks like it could be going ahead as planned at this stage.

As reported by the Herald Scotland, government minister Mairi Gougeon revealed a meeting between both clubs, the Scottish Government, Glasgow City Council and Police Scotland were ‘positive’ as they attempted to work out a plan not to call-off the fixture.

“This was a positive meeting which we called to address the need for fans to stay at home during the upcoming fixture on March 21.

“The reason we have allowed elite football to proceed is as much for the benefit of supporters as for those working in professional sport.

“Everyone is being deprived of so much right now – and making so many sacrifices – that the ability to watch a football game safely at home on television should be something that people should have the ability to do.

“But a minority cannot be allowed to act irresponsibly. We want to send out a very clear message that all fans must stay at home – there will be opportunities to come together to celebrate safely, collectively in due course.

“Clubs have a leading role to play in reaching out to their supporters and communicating the vital message that fans and supporters need to stay at home. I welcome that both clubs have agreed to reinforce that message.

“We still face a very real threat from the highly transmissible new variant and cannot risk people’s health at this time, when we are at the very cusp of easing some restrictions.”

The scenes last week and also the previous congregation of Celtic fans outside both Parkhead and Hampden have led to concern from the Scottish Government. At one point it was even threatened that the fixture was ‘hanging by a thread’.

There is of course still a chance that the game will be postponed as everyone will know by now, things change on a daily basis during this pandemic.

However, with these positive talks, it appears a solution has been found for the game to take place a week on Sunday.


  1. Sure, play it at Hamdump. I wouldn’t allow those scumbags within a mile of CP. I don’t see your point about Celtic supporters though, I can’t see them tearing up the place!
    Police Scotland have shown they can’t be trusted, they would quite gladly stand idly by and watch the scum tear down Big Jock, Big Billy and Jinkys statues with glee and they would!
    They would turn up in their thousands to do it!
    I read your article about the rozzers chapping up Celtic supporters warning them not to attend CP on the day of the game, how many huns got a chap?
    I think we all know the answer to that one, NONE!
    The coppers would do the same as they did at George Sqr, NOTHING, then claim they did everything they could and the Scottish media and government would all turn their back as if nothing had happened!
    We’re getting set up for this!
    It’s a dead rubber anyway, all this p!$h about ‘benifit of supporters’, since when?
    Let them wreck Hampden, or block off the roads in and out and play it at Lennoxtown.
    Do we still have Barrowfield?
    I don’t trust Glasgow coppers one feckin inch!


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