The Glasgow Derby is two months away but we have been told by a source close to the club there will be no away tickets made available for the game – Ibrox fans locked out of Celtic Park.

Celtic had the rug pulled out from under them back in August when they were initially given 750 briefs by the Ibrox club for the first derby of the season, only for the home side to renege at the eleventh hour.

At the time, sources told CeltsAreHere, the breakdown came when the Ibrox hierarchy looked for a 100% assurance they would get tickets for the January game.

Celtic said they were happy to oblige but given the precarious and changing nature of the pandemic, they couldn’t give 100% assurance. That was enough for the Ibrox board to refuse entry to any Celtic fans.

The club will reciprocate by not allowing any away supporters in the ground for the New Year fixture.

Our verdict

Celtic are absolutely right not to give out briefs on this occasion. It’s regrettable we’re at this point but the club have a duty to their own support and must put them first.

The Ibrox club spitefully took away 7000 tickets from Celtic fans a few years back and again the club had no choice but to reciprocate.

The derby atmosphere has changed dramatically because of away fans being locked out in numbers.

Celtic were attempting to open dialogue with the Ibrox club back in August about getting a sizeable number of tickets back for these games. After they pulled the 750 tickets in August, the dialogue stopped.


  1. Keep them out for this one but after that it is time to put pressure on the league to enshrine away ticket allocations.
    The old firm derby atmosphere was famous the world over and needs to be back to the level it was before the childish folks in Govan had their dummy spit because their own fans walked out and left the Celtic fans to celebrate a big win. Don’t punish football fans because you are poor losers.
    Any league that allows this to happen can never be taken seriously.


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