CELTIC have confirmed that SHOULD the club be successful in bringing home the double treble this weekend there will be an open top bus parade after the game.

The Celtic Official website wrote:

While we realise this will be an extremely difficult match against Motherwell (who are also putting in place similar post-match plans) and it will be a major challenge for Celtic to win this trophy once again, it has been decided that in the event of Celtic being successful in the Scottish Cup final, the club will stage an open-top bus procession on Saturday evening.

The open top bus procession would begin at the area of Dalmarnock Train Station at approximately 6:15pm. It will travel along the Clyde Gateway, turn right on to London Road and then on to the Celtic Way.

If the match moves to extra-time and penalties, the start time of the procession would move accordingly.

In the past Celtic have been refused an open bus parade and Henrik Larsson famously said in an interview that he would have loved to go through the streets of Glasgow with the league title back in his time at the club but because of ‘tensions’, it was never allowed.

Of course, it’s not like it’s going through the City centre but the fans will have the chance to party with the team – even if they didn’t get a ticket to Hampden.

If Celtic do the double treble then the turnout will be fantastic on Saturday night.

Fingers crossed.



  1. Wow, welcome to the 21st century Glasgow. Surely the only ‘civilised’ city in the developed world where there is even an issue over a proposition like this.

    Are they worried it will be highlighted by the numpty bears or whatever the loons call themselves? If a couple hundred of the more demented peepel wish to take on 50,000 Celtic fans then just let them try!

  2. Sevco will put in a complaint??It Diznae Count,We Wurnie There!!!!Celtics Goading Our suppirt,Its all over the Tele,We have proof.lololol…..HfH And Get It Right


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