KIERAN TIERNEY watched his first Glasgow Derby as a former Celtic player today and I think he would have enjoyed the experience.

Celtic’s record breaking defender belongs to the red and white of Arsenal now but you can take the bhoy out of Celtic but you’re never going to take Celtic out of the bhoy.

Tierney’s social media celebrations were low key as he retweeted the official club page after the game which stated what colour Glasgow was.

Celtic amazingly went into the game as underdogs even though they have won the last nine trophies domestically and showed no signs of slowing down in the early going of this season.

The Scottish media wrote their narrative and have been made to look complete and utter eejits.

Kieran Tierney enjoyed many wins at Ibrox as a Celtic player, we wonder if he looked on with a twinge of sadness he wasn’t in among the action.


  1. Mon the hoops absoloutly skelped them and didn’t even get out of 2nd gear defence frailties 🤔broonys legs have gone 🤔 and lennys not the one for the job 🤔 given all this love tae see what would happen if the defence was sorted 👍 broonys legs have I fact returned 👍 and lennys turned it round 👍 when I fact it has been fine people were asked to let players settle and now look and after yesterday’s performance I really can’t see anybody stopping 9 or 10 as Andy grey stated this morning it now again dosent matter if Gerrard wins the league this season or not its now all about the 10 well I’m afraid for all the zombies including him if Gerrard dosent win the league this season or a cup I don’t think hell be here for another try hail hail keep the faith


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