We told you first on Thursday that Celtic had taken the decision NOT to open their store on Saturday because of the illegal gathering of rival fans in the city centre.

Their decision has been completely vindicated after a night of shame in Glasgow. In March the shop was vandalised and targeted by the same fans.

Riot police, violence and people using the store for public urination was all on show.

We spoke to a few businesses in the area who had to close off early on Saturday because of the antics of idiots.

Glasgow city centre was held hostage and if our shop had stayed open, the staff’s safety just couldn’t be guaranteed.

The images and videos on social media overnight have been nothing short of embarrassing.

Glasgow City centre crews have had to work through the night to clean up the streets.

Nine titles on the bounce, four trebles in a row and there wasn’t a wide of anything like yesterday.

The old ‘they’re as bad as each other’ assertion has taken an absolute beating.


  1. I knew this would happen. The club must be held accountable and punished. I had about 50 of them in my front garden on Friday night. They let off their red??? flares and then ran away. Maybe it was Aberdeen fans celebrating Scott Brown’s arrival? But there is no doubt about Saturdays shameful behaviour. These people are degenerates and more of them should have been locked up and fined. 20+ arrests is a joke… again. Should we also expect a repitition of having an enquiry that was a whitewash, and the SFA and the Scottish Government doing nothing… again. I wonder how many of their players were at house parties last night?… again. If the police are saying that they will identify and charge more of “the sheepul” responsible then why have they not investigated the video evidence from the St Johnston game? Surely for consistency they must? There’s only a small number of potential suspects who can be identified as there were no fans at the game. I would have thought the police would have a much better chance of making a conviction??? Please ask Mr Yousaf what he thinks about this? Maybe he could ask Mrs Sturgeon? Surely a government and police force that genuinely wants to stamp out racism could find the guilty person. If it was any other ethnic group racially abusing a protestant I’m sure it would result in a conviction. As for any further action against yesterday’s criminal activities…I won’t hold my breath. It’s an insult to the rest of Scottish society and it makes a mockery of our police, the SFA, and the Scottish Government whether they are complicit (and we know that they are), or not.

  2. One was shouting – he owns Glasgow. Sh1t he disnae even own his own brain.
    Investigate, never, everyone knows who’s behind this, the funny handshake brigade and the norn iron mob.

  3. The rangers should be hit with the cleaning bill for all this all damage caused the way they were celebrating I did think they had won the champions league oh well they have one trophy in 9 years we will be back stronger with a new manager


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