Kristoffer Ajer annoyed some of the Celtic support this week when he spoke about not being challenged enough in the SPFL at times.

Kristoffer was a great player for Celtic but he wasn’t infallible.

The Norweigan make the move from Celtic to Brentford this summer in a money spinning £15m deal.

Celtic fans have been discussing the comments made by Kris this week. There’s certainly a case for questioning these comments if you look at last season but I do feel some of the fans are trying to re-write history when it comes to the player’s overall contributions to Celtic.

Here’s a flavour of some of the comments I’m talking about.

Kristoffer was a leader on the park for Celtic at times. Before last season, he had really come into his own and was a solid part of the backline. One bad season doesn’t make you a bad player and even at that, Kris was still comfortably one of our better players during the closed-door calamity.

The comment by Ajer is an honest answer to a question put to him. He didn’t go out his way to disparage the league but did admit the quality of the league isn’t the best at times – and we all know that!

I understand the protective nature Celtic fans have of the club, the team and the league at times but this has been blown out of proportion.


  1. If Ajer was half as good as he himself thinks he is he’d be a good footballer, nothing more, nothing less.

    The amount of times he was found wandering out of position in Europe had people calling for him to be tethered.

    He’s reached his level with Brentford Rovers, who said it wasn’t all about the monies. . .. .

  2. Great player? Can’t believe I’ve read that. Great players are brave players, just cast your mind back to Morelos last goal against us he pulled away afraid to take a sore one for the team. He is 6’ 4”, how many goals did we concede from set pieces, how many did he score with his head. Already he’s not missed.

  3. You are right: Ajer needs to improve; that is his point. Opponents that Celtic beat in cruise mode won’t help. Bad habits develop in that situation, which then infect performance even against good teams. If you really believe Ajer dismissive of lower SPL teams, presumably you will take a defeat to one in your stride.

    His comments about detail of preparation are saltier. We (Brentford) need to cover every base to have a chance of getting a point: it focuses the mind. Could 3 consecutive trebles have bred a little complacency (even if subconscious) in staff and players: Ajer included. You will know best, but is it a possibility that is reflected by what he said.

    I honestly do not think his comments are insulting.

    Good luck for the rest of the season.

  4. He’s right though, the Scottish prem is not a competitive league, add a few games in Europe (which by the way you and Rangers are practically guaranteed ) and thats it season over.

  5. Unfortunately Celtic fans cannot believe/accept that they play in one of the weakest leagues in Europe. No wonder that they and Rangers want to play in the Premier League. (Please don’t deny this, it been mooted for years).


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