Scottish Government official and national clinical director, Jason Leitch has predicted that the Scottish Premiership season will be played out and finished despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking on BBC Radio Scotland’s, Off the Ball Leitch claimed he did not see a similar situation to last years happening again, even though this week it was revealed the SPFL had written to all clubs as it was looking to create a plan and an outline, in order to be more prepared, prepared for another halt to the season if it was to happen.

“Yes, I can.

“The two big challenges there, just to get to completion, is you can see what happens when a virus gets into a club.

“When it gets into a place of work like Hamilton or St Mirren it does become a big challenge and that is why the mitigations and the rules that the teams and their supporters have for following are so crucial.”

In the same interview, Leitch also confirmed we should definitely see fans back within grounds come the end of this season after the Scottish Government introduced a new tier system, which facilitates for the return of supporters. We are still unsure of how many that will be allowed though,

“I do think we can get to the end but I don’t think we will have big crowds this season. We might have small crowds in some parts of the country and we might have more pilot games in future.

“The strategic framework we have published is out for consultation, very quick consultation because we have got to publish it this week, the definitive version. Things might move around so we shouldn’t be completely sure where we are.

“Parliament is going to debate it on Tuesday so I shouldn’t over speak around what is in each level but level 0 and level 1 says stadiums open with restricted numbers.”

After the whole shambles of a situation we had in the summer with the league being cut short, you would think the SPFL could have had a plan in place earlier, in the unfortunate case that it was to happen again.

That being said, it certainly does look hopeful that the season will be finished. So far, we have had several cases at clubs such as St Mirren and Kilmarnock, who have received positive tests and had games postponed but luckily we have still been able to carry on with the season.

With the testing measures in place, it should make things much safer in order to allow football to continue.

Hearing these comments from the National clinical director is positive because, at this current moment, it doesn’t look as though the government are considering any drastic measure


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