The government double standards strike again.

It’s fair to say the club have not been immune from the current global crisis and it’s even hindered us at points during this season.

The public dressing down Celtic got over Boli Bolingoli by the government when the player decided to go rogue and take a trip to Spain was there for all to see. However, Celtic promptly acted when they found out about the trip and imposed the harshest punishments we could give out.

Compare and contrast two players from Ibrox heading to a party in Kilmarnock; the Govan club were given public praise for their quick action by the government.

We now have the Scottish government condemning for Celtic taking a squad photo outside at Lennoxtown last month. A spokesperson for the government told Glasgow live:

“We would condemn any gathering at a football club or sporting venue that is in breach of the Covid-19 guidance – wherever it takes place – agreed between the SPFL and the Scottish Government, that puts individuals and their families at risk of infection and serious illness.

“If the examples being highlighted today do prove to have happened, we would consider them deeply disappointing and irresponsible and would expect this to be taken extremely seriously by the football authorities.

“Professional football has considerable privileges – but these depend on following the guidance.”

Celtic have already put it out there, the photo was taken promptly, it happened immediately after they all got negative results back from their routine testing and it was outdoors on the training field where they interact throughout the day.

For it to be called a silly thing to do, we can see the merit in that, but to condemn it?

We’re about a month removed from the Scottish national team qualifying for a major tournament and the videos of the team back in their hotel going viral. Doing the conga, inside with no masks on is considered patriotic and worth a retweet by many members of the Scottish government but a well-planned squad photo is condemned?

It’s incredible the way Celtic continue to be called out by the government under these circumstances.


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