While things seem to be on the up at Celtic Football Club, large sections of the Celtic support are holding the board’s feet to the fire.

Since last Christmas fans have become irritated and frustrated about how they are treated by the men in suits. Peter Lawell and Dermot Desmond have had big targets on their backs for several months with Lawell eventually moving aside to be replaced by Dom McKay.

If the new Cheif Exec thought there was going to be a honeymoon period in his new role he was mistaken.

Tonight, Paradise welcomed fans back to the stadium and the team delivered with a 3-0 win that could have been easily four or five. While other smaller clubs in Scotland allowed fans back for their European fixtures free of charge a section of Celtic fans took a swing at Dom McKay over the £19 charge tonight.

The Banner read:
“18 Months Out, £19 In”

Celtic fans have forked out a lot of money over the past eighteen months and got nothing back in return. If Dom wanted to be painted in a different light than his predecessor he missed an opportunity here.


  1. Without doubt this site is by some way consistently the most negative to the club of all the Celtic blogs.

    You really need to go away and consider your attitude.

  2. Green brigade disappoint me with this. No one forced them to buy their tickets. Same group that likes to boycott tickets or merch depending on how pissed off they feel. Would they rather the club missed out on c£1m in ticket sales? In the middle of a rebuild, and the club needs as much cash as it can generate. I didn’t take up the option of buying my ticket, but was still happy to see the pay per view option. If you really begrudge the £19, let someone else buy a ticket.

    • Me too George. It is counterproductive and destabilises the side. I lived through the 90’s. The Green Brigade need to become less entitled – they DO NOT speak for the Celtic family, per se. My wrinkles are older than them.

  3. The Green Brigade do not talk for as I am a true Celtic supporter .They complain about spending £19 pounds while they have cost the club thousands in fines because of their behaviour

  4. Green Brigade do not talk for me I am a true Celtic supporter grudge £19 for a ticket to support the club .They have cost the club thousand of pounds in fines by their behaviour

  5. I am a Celtic diehard and I often support the Green Brigade, but with this I have to say: “shut your stupid immature and uneducated mouths.” As for Celtic?…well done my comrades, and thank you to Ange and the players and the CEO Dom McKay for recent developments. We have your backs.

    Sellik Da’s, Hoora.

  6. The Green Brigade are arrogant, entitled and unrepresentative. Their repeated chanting of pro IRA songs tonight does nothing to portray Celtic as a modern, progressive, inclusive and forward thinking club for all.

    • When you state “modern, progressive, inclusive and forward thinking club for all”

      You do mean #Woke, don’t you.

      I thought the bending of the knee by the players before every game, whilst opposing teams look down upon them with absolute scorn would be enough to satiate the prawn sandwich woke among the support.

      Seems i may have been wrong

    • You would need to ask the members of the Green Brigade, posting on here will not ascertain as to whether they would rather Barkas or Hart in goal. You would need to run a poll. If you are on Twitter or Facebook there are options there that facilitate the running of various types of polls.

      • What ?

        Are you actually a Celtic supporter ? Don’t think we need a poll to reach a conclusion that all sane Celtic supporters and without a disruptive agenda prefer Joe Hart in goal. Did you see his saves last night ?

        Who knows or cares what the green brigade think.

  7. It is because many of the Green Brigade boys ARE educated that they see through many of the lies and inaccuracies that this and many boards before have fed the fans with .
    Many of this board were the ones who should have been making sure that Lawwell’s actions were being vetted . They failed to do their jobs , the club, support and staff were let down badly and yet many remain . Why are ANY of the old board left to draw cash from our club ?

  8. I just hope Moonbat is ok.

    I haven’t heard from him since early afternoon, he was due to get his 6th booster jab this evening. Seemingly the previous 5 didn’t work and now he has the ‘Covid’ all over again.

    What’s that all about?

  9. For the first time in ages there was a buzz about the place tonight as we continue to watch the team really improve on the pitch and Anges rebuild start to take shape.
    We don’t need the negativity of these banners. If you support the team then get behind them. If you can’t then just don’t go. SIMPLE?

  10. absolutly brilliant protest its not the £19 its the fact on average we paid £600 for last years no show and a pathetic TV production that you can get for a fraction of the price and we are treated with contempt with a £50 quid adidas voucher pathetic.
    We would be within our rights to a complete refund for a product that wasn’t delivered. Do not be stupid and buy into this Celtic family nonsense its a business that the players and directors took what they believed they were entitled to and got upset when some of the fans that displayed their anger over their performances last year .
    Never doubt our support for players and management that give us 100% but don’t take us for granted – Wee Fergus would have never have done this to the fans

    • So you want to liquidate Celtic by having all season tickets repaid ?

      The product was delivered but by law we were not allowed to attend. But heh lets either bankrupt Celtic or at least cause them to substantially downsize.

      Fergus would not have acted any differently during the pandemic. You can bank that. He would though have never tolerated the 5WA or the pretence that a new club was able to claim titles just because they purchased certain Rangers 1872 assets from the Liquidator.

  11. My son paid the 19 quid to see his team tonight turned up at the stadium at 19.15,ticket wouldnt scan, security told him to go to ticket office… took them until 20.50.to reprint his ticket!! Absolute shambles.. antiquated system, zero customer service, complete incompetence..

  12. Correct Paul and he would never have sanctioned a bonus for the CEO for 9 in a row when the objective was 10. He would NEVER have been happy when two players ,who wanted to be at Parkhead for a total of 9 million and are now worth 100 million , were rejected by Lawwell ——- McGinn and Toney

  13. My son paid 19 quid for a ticket tonight, arrived at the stadium at 19.15 , ticket wouldnt scan, security told him to go to the ticket office, so at 20.50 they managed to reprint his ticket for him!! He missed the whole first half! Anttiquated system, incompetent, zero customer service… Total shambles!

  14. I see the board’s muppets have got in quick to criticise this protest. As a supporter of over 60 years who got sfa for my season ticket last year and 0 out of 4 in the ballot this season i think I must the argue that the CEO should not be blamed for the fact we were forced to pay for this game. The owner, Desmond, will continue to take out dividends which are pocket money in terms of his billions as long as we remain loyal customers. A BUSINESS like any other.

    Incidentally, I have never doubted that Peter Lawwell was fully aware of the Huns’ 5 way agreement with the SFA?SPFL. Rangers have always been a crucial element in the Desmond business model.

    • Instead of another childish , naive dig at Dom , maybe a banner from these people which apologies to Neil Lennon for the disgusting way they treated him last season , would have been humble , mature and welcomed by 95% of the Celtic support….
      Time for the Green Brigade to go away , grow up and come back as Celtic SUPPORTERS….Instead of the arrogant , agenda-driven , eejits they now look like and have become….
      They are ,and never have been , the ‘ voice of the Celtic fans ‘ they seem to regard themselves as….they are just individual Celtic supporters like the rest of us….
      No more , No less !!!
      Never forget that … anyone who is in the Green Brigade…

      Get back to what you once were…
      Colourful , Loud , Non-Entitled , Celtic fans….there to drive our players on when they needed help from the stands….like the rest of the support try to do….
      That is what makes it Paradise !!

      Hail Hail ☘

  15. Agreed . His business model involves BOTH members of the Old Firm being admitted to English Football. This will involve massive increases in the share prices and the end of many of our largest shareholders interest in Celtic . They WILL sell if the price is right . We will always be Celtic supporters

  16. It’s our job to hold the board accountable. The board holds the manager accountable, the manager holds the players accountable, the players hold the fans accountable and the fans hold the board accountable they are well within their rights to voice their anger at perceived injustice. Now they just need educated. Perhaps if they knew how to read a balance sheet.


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