Brendan Rodgers has sent out some mixed messages in the last two transfer windows. If you were a betting man or you like trying to read between the lines, you’d bet that Brendan Rodgers is not happy with Celtic’s transfer policies.

His remarks during the week about Maryan Shved left a lot of people bemused. People will interpret the bosses words in different ways. The Green Brigade made their feelings clear today at Celtic Park. Never big fans of Lawwell the Ultra’s showed their support for the Irishman.

The standing section held a banner today that read, “10 in a row is not a project, back Rodgers or lose him”

It’s not clear how much if any bad feeling exists between Rodgers and Peter Lawwell. The Celtic manager certainly looks to be not happy during transfer windows. He seemed agitated yesterday in his press conference. The usual laid back manager made it his business to put a few reporters in their place and set a few things straight. Most of that conversation revolved around recruitment.