It’s great news for the Celtic support today as the Green Brigade conformed they will be back in attendance at Celtic Park this evening when the team take on Hamilton.

Also, they’ve confirmed any of their members who had been successful in the cup final ballot WILL be allowed to take their place in the stands come Sunday.

There was a threat from the club that tickets might have been withheld after their initial ban from the Rennes game. However, it’s great to know fans will not be locked out the game by the club.

The Green Brigade can be polarising but their support for the club cannot be questioned. They are vibrant and support the team well.

We hope the group and the club can get back around the table and speak to each other about going forward.

UEFA bans for pyro are silly, and we need some common sense to prevail.

It will be interesting to see if pyro comes into play from either set of supporters during the final.


    • Ra songs?

      More songs of rebellion is what is needed.

      May i be so bold as to suggest the following to add to the repetoire.

      Billy Reid
      Say Hello to the Provos
      Black ‘n Tans
      The Armagh Sniper.


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