The Green Brigade has confirmed via their north curve account that they have NOT been permitted to stage a TIFO before the game on Sunday.

There have been plenty of examples over the years of the group knocking it out the park at Hampden with a colourful and vibrant display.

However, there will be no display at the Celtic end and we’re assuming the same for the other half of the stadium.

The group have called on as many Celtic fans as possible to bring an Irish tricolour to the game to make the Celtic end look as raucous and colourful as possible.

Celtic are one game away from another Cup Final at Hampden this season and are still in the hunt for a treble. The stadium is split right down the middle for the game. It will be the first time a large section of both supports have shared the same stadium since 2019 when Celtic beat The Rangers in the League Cup.

So if you’re going along, look out an Irish tricolour!


  1. ‘We go to war?’ Over a football match? While tens of thousands of bodies pile up in Ukraine? Get a grip, that’s repellant and pathetic.

    • Zelensky is sacrificing the Ukrainian people at the behest of the USA in order to prolong this charade.

      You clowns should either quit watching Sky News and do a modicum of research or keep your ill informed opinions off football sites.

    • 100% spot on Jimbob.

      And while the club has Irish roots, Celtic are a Scottish club and I have no intention in joining the pathetic clowns who continue to embarrass the club with the IRA nonsense that has nothing to do with Celtic FC.

      People in the North of Ireland live in relative peace now and have moved on , if only some of our support, many of whom weren’t even born at the time of the troubles, would grow up.

      Believe it or not,quite a few of us go to Celtic Park to watch Celtic FC

    • I am going to guess that De la Croix got his view of the world from a strange phenomenon these days…’s called Reality !!!

  2. Why pick Ukraine specifically ? Bodies are piled high and continue to be so across Africa, Palestine, Yemen and many countries. Personally I think a lot of Gullible people have fallen for the racist outcry because they are white with blue eyes in Ukraine ? Didn’t hear any of this stuff when the west attacked Syria, Iran, the ongoing onslaught of the Kurds etc,etc, What is happening there is another war crime to add to the rest in this war obsessed, psychopathic world. Gullible is too good a word for some.

    • Hi P. i’m familiar with Mearsheimer’s work and recognise that his views add to the debate. Too many have dismissed him as extreme. None of us can rely on only a few narrow opinions. We need to take on all views and then come to our considered opinions of what’s right and wrong, what’s true and what’s false.
      I listened to the video in full and it confirmed much that I agree with but I cannot accept that Putin is merely an innocent victim without any malevolent intent. As always, whoever is right or wrong, many innocent people suffer and die because of geopolitics, money, power and massive egos.
      Anyway, none of this should be on a football site and the only reason it is is because some people think it is appropriate to compare a football match to a war. Thanks for at least inviting debate.

      • Hi Tim, I agree taking sides only adds to the tribal madness, and its always ordinary people that suffer from wars.

        I get where you are coming from in terms of language like “we go to war”, whilst people are being bombed in another country. However, I think of Al Pacino’s motivational speech in the film Every other sunday. Although he doesnt use the word “war” he says things like “tear everyone around us to pieces”. Aggressive metophors like this are used in sport and competition all the time. Its not literal. I dont think think for a second the the original post was implying all Celtic fans should turn up ready to literally go to war and fight with opposing fans. I dont think they were thinking about a football game in terms of geopoltical issues. I see it as rallying call to come and support the team. And I see no issue with an Irish tricolour to support the team, given our strong Irish roots.

        Ofcourse, in Glasgow we have our own political slant on football. And even though that can become nasty, I think it is a bit unrealistic to expect football fans from either end of Glasgow, to somehow dissect their political histories from who they are today. Telling people they are not allowed to talk or sing about x, y, z, or insulting each others intellect just for having different opinions, is a bit depressing.

        Anyway, I think we do agree on a lot but I dont think the Prof is excusing Putin or potraying him as a victim. I’ve watched other interviews and lectures by him and he clearly states that he does not condone what Putin is doing I think he is just being pragmatic and calling out the jingoistic western outcry as hypocrisy and outright propoganda.

        You say you agree with much of what Mearsheimer says but at the same time imply it is Putin who has malevolant intent. BTW, I dont think Putin is a good guy, he is probably the biggest ganster on the plannet. But all the evidence suggests the USA is the agressor of this war. Thy hypocrisy and the most evil part, is that they have cleverly managed to twist this around to say Putin wants to take over Europe like Hitler did, and they are the good guys trying to save the day again, like the did in other 40 or so wars (most of which were questionable or ilegal) the USA have raged over the planet since they burned 200,000 men , women and children alive in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

        No to war, No to NATO

  3. My first visit to Paradise was in 1963. Celtic are central to my life. I’m shocked by the messages and tone expressed by fellow members of the Celtic Family. What happened to discourse, debate, discussion? Instead the opening salvo assumes ignorance, apathy or idiocy if you do not immediately follow the line unquestioningly. From Celtic fans, not fascists!
    Before I go (as there is no room for debate apparently), I am certainly not gullible or an idiot and if you think that people did not react against the corporate/militarism around wars in Iraq, Iran,Palestine, Syria, Afghanistan, etc, etc you haven’t been reading or listening as widely as I and many others have.
    To get back to my initial point, we are preparing for a football match against our main rivals in what is a a football backwater in global terms. To describe that as a war is at least juvenile but, more importantly, it trivialises the horrendous and criminal loss of innocent lives in the real wars around the globe.
    That was my only issue and I stand by it. Even if your world view is more accurate than mine the argument stands that no football match can equate to a war.
    The Celtic family is universal and catholic in the true sense but it seems we are at opposite ends of that magnificent spectrum and our views are so mutually distant that any hope of dialogue is futile so don’t waste your time on a reply.

      • He spelt ‘catholic’ with a small ‘c’. I suggest you look up the difference between Catholicism and catholicity. In fact, add it to the list of a jillion other things you should look up.

        • I’d say his misspelling of Catholic is more to do with his intelligence, or lack thereof than anything else.

          As for you, you should have kept your head well below the parapet son. With your “…tens of thousands of bodies pile up in Ukraine?” shtick on here. Who passed on that little gem for your brain to process, i’m surprised your hair didn’t catch fire when you heard it, overloading those few cells still in operation.

          Any more of that talk champ and I’m afraid i’ll have to call the hyperbole police and have you locked up for your own safety.


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