Never ones to shy away from colour and noise. The Celtic Ultra group set about making noise way before they hit Celtic Park in their now traditional Corteo.

Marching up the London Road the group gets to let off some tri-color flares and smoke, something they can’t do once they get into any football stadium. Their numbers get bigger each season and the noise gets louder. They are always one step ahead of any rival groups as they get inside info on opposition banners.

They usually have something in store for derby day and that will unfold at around 12 pm. Celtic were awarded another greatest fans in the world award in 2017 because of such displays.



  1. Green Brigade,Wonderful Displays at Games and They are Always Heard…..HH GGAW TAL!!!Mon Celtic Tear Them A New One…..5-0 To the Scottish Champions.Sevco wont be able to live with Broony or Ntcham…….10 In A Row is a Reality!!!!Anyone stating that RainJurz survived Liquidation is an absolutely Absurd Thing to even suggest Never mind Claim…..HWG10IAR…..Merry Xmas and An Absolutely Amasing New Year to each and Every Bhoy n Ghirl and Celtic Family WorldWide.HH to the Green Brigade


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