The Green Brigade look on course for their funding target as the Celtic fan group get set to make a spectacular full stadium Tifo for flag day.

The new SPFL fixtures come out next week, and we already know the bhoys will be at home as they raise the league flag at Celtic Park after winning the SPFL title last season.

The Green Brigade want to make this a special day and something the fans will remember for a long time to come.

We believe the planned tifo will centre around Ange’s ‘we never stop’ motto and will encompass the whole stadium with Sky Sports likely to air the game live.

It’s going to be a brilliant day as Ange and his team begin a new campaign.

There’s still time to help the Green Brigade get to their goal.

In under a week, at this point, they’ve raised around £14k of their £20k goal.

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The Green Brigade’s full stadium banner at the 2012 Barcelona game is still talked about to this day. Celtic, themselves attempted a stadium tifo years later but it wasn’t executed very well.

We can’t wait to see what the GB has planned.


  1. Wonderful news.

    The Green Brigade are a breath of fresh air at Celtic Park. I wonder have the club thought about expanding the standing section to encapsulate the entire area behind the goal and into the corner opposite the original section.

    We need to embrace the Green Brigade and their spectacular initiatives. If this means moving naysayers to upper tiers, or preferably give them free access to Celtic TV where they can watch the events unfold in the comfort of their own decrepit hovels, then this is what needs to occur.


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