Peter Lawwell put out a message to the celtic support tonight to issue an apology followed by some excuses as he tried to quell the anger among a lot of our supporters.

This season has unravelled like nothing we’ve ever seen and we’ve gone from a position of power to looking like a tinpot outfit.

This is no small part due to the mismanagement of this season. From the board to the Celtic manager, it’s been one disaster after the next.

The Dubai trip just added insult to injury fir a fan base shell shocked and looking for the custodians of the club to be accountable for their actions.

The fans haven’t been listened to since they handed over their hard earned cash at the most financially challenging time for everybody’s bank balance.

It’s little wonder Peter’s video did very little to address the real concerns of the support.

The Green Brigade social media feed, known as North Curve Celtic, responded to the video by reposting a banner outside Celtic Park which depicts Peter Lawwell as Chemical Ali.


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