Celtic’s Champions League campaign kicks off on Tuesday evening when the Bhoys travel to Rotterdam. Brendan Rodgers will want to get his side off to the perfect start on the continent this season ahead of his first home Champions League game back in charge of the Hoops in two weeks’ time.

Lazio come to Parkhead on matchday two, and ahead of the match, it has been confirmed there will be no tifo courtesy of the North Curve. This will be the case for every home Champions League clash this campaign, the Ultras group confirmed in their most recent newsletter.

Celtic Fans
11th March 2023; Tynecastle Park, Edinburgh, Scotland: Scottish Cup Football, Hearts versus Celtic; Celtic players huddle before the match as the Celtic fans display a banner

The official newsletter was posted on X and read: “Despite not being (in) unfamiliar territory over a 17-year course, it is particularly frustrating that for the second year in a row, the club will obstruct tifos in the Champions League – a stage where the team needs every possible advantage and full support from the crowd.”

It will be frustrating for the Green Brigade that the club is looking to block tifos from transpiring, particularly on the biggest stage of them all, the Champions League. We may still see single-section displays in the North Curve, though, much like the ones last season in Europe.


  1. They cant be trusted to leave out the flares. Hopefully the club are beginning to waken up and realise the section do nothing but harm the club. If they wanted to maximum support, then cut out the IRA crap. How does that inspire anyone, particularly our overseas players?

  2. Tbh, ah find the GB and their moral high ground they’s always claimin to be infantile and grandiose – the undercurrent of them being the only true Celtic supporters, is at times ridiculous.
    No wonder Celtic won’t let them get a full stand, look how they are regularly getting fines for political views that may or may not be shared by others in the Celtic support, constantly believing they’re the moral soul of the club – they’re not.

    Also, no one really cares about the tifo, like 10seconds after they’ve seen it, well apart from the GB.

    One more thing – how come they’ve not disbanded, like any honourable ultras would after losing their colours a couple of seasons back – how does that sit we their moral superiority??

  3. GB should stick to making money for Charities backed by the Club…Only Criticize Board if We fail Again in Europe thru perceived lack of Investment in the Team!! Like BR or not he should Not be going into Champions League with only 2 Strikers!!

  4. I must agree with the two comments. I am still in shock with the banner last year that they told someone ‘to go and F— themself’. How they got away with that beats me!
    Hail Hail

  5. I must agree with the two comments. I am still in shock with the banner last year that they told someone ‘to go and F— themself’. How they got away with that beats me! A never sent this comment before!!!!
    Hail Hail

  6. Yeh. Right lhads. Follow the corporate machine like the good little members of the herd you are ! They are terrified of an opposing political view being displayed, exposing theirs and EUFA’s hypocrisy, as they look for as much cash as possible from an industry which uses sport, ie football in this case, to hide their participation in atrocities throughout the world. There is a world outside of the herd ! Leave the herd and you might see the big picture ! Nah, just like the rest of the herd, better to run with yer head down and hope to survive.
    Green Brigade may not always be right, they may have idiots amongst them, you may not agree with them and oppose them, but stifling free speech isn’t the answer, no matter where it’s happening !

    • It’s no about following a corporate machine, more about not wanting little men with little voices hijacking Celtics platform ti try an make themselves feel big, important and relevant, by shoving their particular world view by association onto Celtic.
      Their problem is if they didn’t hijack Celtic, no one would care what they thought – if they’re serious about politics, then get involved politically instead of their self righteous virtue signalling that actually achieves less than zero

  7. If for no other reason, the GB should be banned for their songs, which discriminate against a much loved and much valued section of our support. RITG and the add-ons to the Soldiers’ song are a disgrace in this day and age. As for the GB being rebels? Aye, right. They have sold their souls to Blue Peter & Co. And for what? Away game tickets. They have sold themselves very cheaply, it would seem.

    Hail Hail.

  8. If the GB want to stand in a National monument with their flairs waving, surrounded by Blessed holy turf, police and stewards.

    Visit. …. . …. Stonehenge. … …

  9. They are a continuous source of embarrasment. It’s past time to boot them out of paradise. However the club’s issuance of away tickets to them does nothing to help the situation and deprives decent fans the opportunity to travel with the club. GB are nithing more than our version of the union bears


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