The Green Brigade have accused the club of being disingenuous with their latest ban that stops them from attending away games.

The club issued a communication to the group that they would not be allowed to attend away games for the foreseeable due to bad behaviour, which has included unsafe pyro and a recent incident at Motherwell where the group were accused of trying to open fire exits to let those without tickets into the game.

The green brigade believe the ban is down to their political stance.

Those who support the GB unconditionally will take all of this at face value. However, claiming they are being punished for a political view to hide behind their own shortcomings and behaviour is poor.

We believe in free speech and the right of every single Celtic fan to wave a Palestine flag if they want and we wish them well with it tomorrow.

The GB are not banned from the game on Wednesday against Atletico which makes their claim that their political leaning has somehow been the reason behind things.

It’s become very tiresome with the group in general. They do a lot of things well, but being able to look inward at themselves, doesn’t appear to be one of them.


  1. I totally support GB stance and the sit on the fence neutrality by the Celtic Board is nothing but COWARDLY bring into the same catagory as british gov. And the Labour party SHAME ON YOU, ,,OPPRESSION,GENOCIDE THE MURDERS OF CHILDREN THERE SHOULD BE NO SILENCE OUR HERITAGE SHARED THESE ATROCITIES…..

  2. This group are costing the club an absolute fortune. Twenty years after the support won worldwide acclaim for their behaviour in Seville, these idiots are dragging the name of the club through the mud. Time and time again. The Green Brigands care about one thing, and only one thing. The notoriety/publicity that follows their unsocial behaviour. These mugs will not be satisfied till the club is banned from Europe.

    Hail Hail.


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