The Green Brigade’s annual food bank drive for the less fortunate will take place at Celtic Park this weekend with the group again going above and beyond to help out over the festive period.

The annual event has been a great success and raised a lot of money for local food banks as well as getting hampers to families during the Christmas season.

Celtic take on Livingston in the SPFL but before the game there will be stations set up around the perimeter of Celtic Park where you can make a donation to a great cause.

We’ve seen supporters walk up to the stadium with bags and bags of food, some having toys in them for kids at Christmas.

It’s a chance to help out people who are in a less fortunate position than ourselves and stay true to the charitable roots Celtic were founded on.

It goes without saying that food banks having to exist in this day and age is deplorable but while there’s so many people living in poverty, it’s only right we all do our bit to help in any way we can!


    • WTF has a Poppy got to Do with Xmas and the Less Fortunate.Im sure Even if Sevco needed a Handout The Troops Would More than Oblige Them.So called Celtic Minded People Always Dissing The Green Brigade.Do you go out your Way and Help the Needy.🍀Green Brigade Doing Us Proud As Per🍀


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