The Green Brigade have sent an open invitation to North Curve Celtic supporters without a match ticket for the Rennes game to come join them at the London Road Celtic supporters club.

The club issued a partial, self imposed stadium ban against the supporters group for their use of pyro and for behaviour which has incurred fines from UEFA.

The club issued a statement on Monday night with the Green brigades retort coming on Tuesday evening which was very articulate and put their point across well.

The GB will hopefully cheer the bhoys onto a win from the local CSC.

Having fans locked out of the stadium for a pivotal European game should not be welcomed by anyone.

There are supporters on both sides of the divide but it hurts us all when our own are denied entry to watch Celtic play football.

Trust has to be built between both the board and the Green Brigade going forward to stop this from happening in the future.

Getting told with only three days notice that you’re not welcome at Celtic Park is shocking by any standards.


  1. The Hoops look a stronger, fitter, more determined team this season. Despite Rangers also looking strong, I believe Celtic have a far greater arsenal in their locker.
    Supporter since 1954.


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