The Green Brigade have dropped a statement after they were branded sectarian and misogynistic after attending a Celtic women’s game at the weekend.

The Celtic fan group turned up to watch the Celtic women win 3-1 against the Rangers women on Sunday and cheered the hoops onto victory.

However, in the aftermath an Ibrox spokesperson said their women were subjected to sectarian and misogynistic abuse at the hands of the Celtic group.

The Daily Record was all too happy to run the story – an article that has coincidently made the paper after moronic Ibrox fans have been in the dock for their senseless celebrations at Rugby Park; breaking a disabled enclosure and invading the pitch.

The Green Brigade hit back at any suggestion their support of the women’s team came at the expense of subjecting any of their Glasgow rivals to unacceptable abuse and released a statement to that effect.


  1. ffs that rotten mob are forever greeting.If its Same Club BS its always something.They dont even deserve a mention but for them to accuse anyone of secterianism is Laughable.Know yer Place Hun Scum.

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