The Green Brigade and UEFA don’t exactly have a great history with a whole bunch of different fines to back up the point.

“Match the fine for Palestine” was one of the Celtic ultras groups finest moments against the governing body. A 10k fine was issued to the club over a Palestine flag display at Celtic Park. The fan group made worldwide news when they campaigned to have the £10,000 fine raised but donated to Palastining charities.

In the end and from memory the group raised just under £180k with world news outlets running the story which must have enraged UEFA officials.

In the past a few “Fu*k UEFA” banners have led to thousands of pounds worth of fines for the football club. Today the effort from the group will leave UEFA with a head-scratching conundrum. A clever play on Countdown should avoid another fine while the message is still loud and clear.

Celtic’s game against Ferencvaros had a 3:30 kick-off time which angered a lot of Celtic fans with money once again being the underlying factor in making a decision that disregards fans ability to attend a game. Although Celtic Park is pretty much full.


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