The Green Brigade were refused the opportunity to put a TIFO together in the stands at Hampden for Sunday’s Scottish Cup semi-final.

When they were told by Hampden bosses the group made the move to asking fans to bring Irish tri-colours to the game on Easter Sunday and make the Celtic end look as spectacular as possible.

This was then met by another warning from Hampden bosses that they would be closely monitoring flags, material and the size of them and would look to prohibit from some of these from getting inside the stadium.

Not only have the group put out a message to ignore any of the stuff coming from Hampden – they’ve now upped the ante by having 10k Irish tri-colours made and they’ll hand these out before the game on Sunday.

Celtic take on their Glasgow rivals in what should be an exciting encounter to discover who will be facing Hearts in the Scottish Cup final come May.

The Celtic fans will be in fine voice on the day and the stands will indeed be full of tri-colours.


  1. Well done to the Green Brigade !
    The SFA have shown their bias once again. Hopefully we will see a fantastic sea of tricolours at the glorious Celtic end.
    Come on the Hoops stick it to the Huns.

  2. If it wasn’t for the Green Brigade fighting the corner for the Celtic fans we’d be in a dire situation.

    If it was left to some of the cretins who post on here we’d still be at the back of the bus while they were up the front drinking the soup.

    • I’ll tell the childish attention seekers where they can stick their flags.

      I’ll be there to support Celtic, the team and the players individually, 100% ,not the IRA, Ireland or anyone or anything else.

      We are a Scottish club with proud Irish roots based in Glasgow not Dublin.

      You really think the GB fight Celtic’s corner?

      Self-indulgent eejits who chose to sit in silence v Livingston as they thought their cause was more important than the team on the park.

      Always seem to have plenty of cash to waste, worth remembering that when they carry out their ‘charity’ bucket collections.

      No surprise that you hero-worship them like a love-sick teenager.

      • I’m glad you took the bait indicating that it was you i was referring to.

        You have just confirmed your own cretinous behaviour, not only to me and others, but to yourself.

        Touché sucker.


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