Football never fails to be interesting.

Someone you called a foe or would’ve had words to say about previously can easily become your most favourite footballer in a blink of an eye.

Over the years we’ve seen some antagonists turn into protagonists and vice versa. Scott Brown in a Hibs jersey squaring up to Neil Lennon is a picture that always comes to mind.

Your enemy can quickly become your friend in football if your club signs a player you once disliked.

It was back in February, when Scott Brown won the league at Rugby Park that Greg Taylor was getting a bit of stick for the Celtic support and Timo Weah giving him dogs abuse so much on the pitch after the last gasp goal he got a yellow card from Bobby Madden.

Taylor and Weah obviously had a heated exchange during the game which boiled over into full time.

Most Celtic fans were right behind Timo at the time. Fast forward to September and Weah is long gone but the guy he’s screaming at is a Celtic player.



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