John Guidetti has came out in the press and said he left Celtic because goals in Scotland don’t count for much in the grand scheme of things and it was hurting his international chances.

There may be some truth to what the player is saying but if you are good enough for your national team then they will come calling. Just ask your countryman Mikael Lustig or former Celts Mastorovic, Hedman, Mjallby and of course the great Henrik Larsson.

John can hide behind the league all he likes but at the end of the day he became ineffectual in this league as time went on. Maybe that was down to the players apathy in the end up, who knows.

Here’s what the former-Celt had to say.

“I was taken out of the national team after scoring, I think it was 11 goals in 10 matches, but I did not play.

“Then I understood. It felt like my goals at Celtic were not counted in the same way as in other leagues and I can understand.” said the Striker.

“So I felt that my goals were not counted in the same way as in another league. There are too few ‘big games'”

John is now out-of-contract with Man City and is in pursuit of a new club but is finding it hard to get a club to match his wage demands.

The bhoy is talented but his edges are well and truly rough. We wish him all the best and hope wherever he score’s next he joins his countryman and former Celtic Teammate as a regular for Sweden.


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