If you give Celtic fans memorable moments and give the club your heart the feeling will be reciprocated every time.

This is no more evident today with Celtic fans celebrating Lubo Moravcik’s birthday on social media.

The player who left the club over 14 years ago has never been far from the Celtic fan’s thoughts. Kids not old enough to see the Lubo play in a Celtic jersey are told by their elders that this wee guy was something special.

Brought into Celtic at the age of 33, the Scottish media were only too happy to stick the boot in at Celtic and their signing policy. The laughter from all quarters of Scottish football that Celtic went out and signed a 300k unknown midfielder was side-splitting to many.

The laughter was short lived when wee Lubo got to do his talking on the pitch. He put teams to the sword single-handedly, sparked up a fantastic rapport with one Henrik Larsson and was pivotal in Celtic winning a glorious treble under MON.

There were no witty chants about Lubo Moravick at Celtic Park about how he terrorised opponents, the Celtic fans instead chose to lift their hands in the air and almost bow down to the wee mans greatness while the sound of Lubo filled the air. When he came across to take a corner or scored a memorable goal you would be sure to see the whole stadium bow at his brilliance.

Today he turns 51-years-old and he still supports the club to this very day. He joined Celtic in the later stages of his career but ask any Celtic fan who seen him, they’re just happy he got to Paradise in the end up.

Hail Hail Lubo.

What. A. Talent.





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