Former Celtic Striker Tommy Johnson has lifted the lid on the breakdown between himself and Henrik Larsson earlier this year.

Henrik, Johan (Mjallby) and Tommy were all set to takeover at Southend with everything set to be signed.

At the last minute, Tommy pulled out of the deal and it collapsed as a result. The trio joining the club hinged on Tommy’s knowledge of the lower leagues and once he was out the picture there was no chance Henrik was taking over as boss.

It was a sore one fore the Celtic legend who was bitterly disappointed with the late breakdown.

Tommy decided to take a role as Blackpool’s head of recruitment instead.

Speaking to PLZ Soccer as cited by SunSport, the former Celtic player lifts the lid on the move breaking down from his perspective.

“Am I speaking to Henrik yet? Yeah, we’re okay.

“We’ll always be okay. That’s football isn’t it?

“I think it’s been mentioned that it was down to me that Henrik never got the job but that’s not the case to be honest.

“It was the hardest phone call I’ll ever make.

“It was so much last minute and then after having decided to go to Southend, I did have other offers and one WASN’T Celtic as it’s been broadcast in the media.

“Henrik and Johan were moving over from Sweden with their wives, it’s a massive decision.

“But these things happen in football. I’ve had it in football before where I was going to one club and then I wasn’t and I ended up going somewhere else.

“It was very difficult making that call and saying, ‘No I’m sorry I’ve decided to go somewhere else’.

“It was very difficult, but that’s football and I’m more than sure I’ve made the right decision.”

Henrik is desperate to manage in the UK and saw this as a top opportunity. Southend have been a bit of a basket case club as of late and it might be a blessing the deal did in fact fall through.

Tommy also rejecting the notion Celtic wanted him in as a scout when Neil Lennon returned.

Henrik will no doubt get his opportunity at some point.


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