John Hartson has found himself defending Celtic’s 0-0 loss today at Celtic Park on Twitter. It is not just Hartson either, not for the first time in their short history, The Rangers are celebrating a draw.

They have now managed to take 2 points off Brendan Rodgers since he came to Celtic. Still not got the win though. Still not got 3 points. Still in third place like last season. Today was their best chance at getting all 3 points and it’s hard to imagine so many Celtic players not at the races again.

The difference is, Celtic fans are disappointed with a 0-0 draw. Maybe that should be allowed to sink in for a while. It might explain why Celtic are going for their 7th title in a row.

Chris Sutton also had to defend the 0-0 loss.


  1. Sad and pathetic sevconian scum celebrating a 0-0 draw as if they won the CL, oops maybe their right after all it’s the closest they’ll get to winning anything this year.

  2. My Team were Dire today,And Sevco still couldnt get the First Win in there Five Years of Existance at Parkhead.They celebrated as if it was a major win.All we hear thru media outlets etc Old Firm This and Old Firm That….Get the Facts Straight and f…..g keep them straight.The Old Firm Was No More the Day Rangers 1872 Died Through Liquifckingdation.Since this Corrupt Club started from Dot in the 3rd Division,They werent Demoted or Relegated,They startedvas Sevco.So Get It Right Up Them.There obsession with kid abuse is sickening.Still 11 points clear.And definitely 7 In A Row.On the Road to smashing Our 9 In A Row.;)

  3. Let’s get green tinted glasses off, we were dire and on another day could and perhaps should have lost that, but they celebrating like they’ve just won the league is a huge embarrassment they are now at the level of plucky underdogs celebrating taking a point from the top dogs, There was far too many underperformers in Hoops and I have to say the decision to not play Ntcham was a serious mistake,him playing alongside an impressive Broony would have seen a quite different outcome

  4. Liam Henderson must stay a bit of fight and Celtic heart is needed not cowards like Armstrong and McGregor ntcham Henderson and Broonie also young Mickie Johnson gets Sinclair’s place.give the man a break Hail Hail

  5. End of the day yet again we were dross but there still not able to beat us, therefore if we know Brendan this is wake up call no 2 and it’s 1-74. So in 3 weeks I predict someone is gonna get a Pasting Hail Hail

  6. Just feel Celtic have not been right since BR slated the team after the CL game when he said some of them think they are CL players , they have been very poor at home this season also, Celtic are not playing well


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