Is the stage set for a Scott Sinclair revival?

One of the biggest upsides Ofnthe invincible squad two seasons ago was that when one player had an off day the other ten were on the ball.

We had so many creative outlets who weren’t jaded Andy had the bit between their teeth.

Fast forward to this season and many of those creative players have left the building.

Roberts, Armstrong, Dembele are all big game players who could give you something a bit different and when they were all on form we were flying.

Scott Sinclair was like having a man down last season, his work rate and effectiveness to cut in from the left and do damage wasn’t there.

However, in the few games he’s has got so far this season the Englishman looks like a man with a point to prove.

The player came on against Athens and nearly pulled it back for Celtic, and has generally looked lively when he’s come on.

After the instance on Rodgers playing an out of form Sinclair last season, it is a bit confusing he has chosen to bench Scott now when he’s showing signs of life.

Celtic desperately need more creative outlets, someone who can unlock a dogged defence and make that key pass.

Sometimes a Ntcham can do that, Rogic too and McGregor. However, when they’re off it, Celtic need to look to the likes of Sinclair and now the fit again Morgan who will also be desperate to make his mark.

It’s time to freshen up the side, show we can break down these teams again and get rolling quickly.

With many fans lamenting the inclusion of Scotty for so long, has Rodgers done the seemingly impossible and made the fans miss him?


  1. Yeh he’s done the impossible, he’s made us worse each season.
    Boring, predictable shite.
    40 million wage bill for a pile of shite.


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