FORMER Ibrox striker and current paranoid wreck Nacho Novo has appeared to claim the SFA is run by Celtic.

The astonishing rant, posted by Rangers news has to be satire from the confused wee fella.

“For me personally, there is mafia in the SFA, in terms of they are run by Celtic. The newspapers are exactly the same and that’s obvious. You can see it from a mile away.

“That’s how I see it. Look at Allan McGregor’s tackle on Lewis Ferguson. Now if you look at Scott Brown’s challenge on Daniel Candeias, that’s worse. It’s a straight red, yet Brown doesn’t even get a booking. If he was took to a panel they would still say no.

“It’s just these stupid things. If it’s one rule for one team, then that should be the rule for others as well. You can’t keep Celtic directors or Rangers directors on the SFA panel.”

This is beyond any kind of bad only an excuse sketch you could find. Nacho lives in Glasgow and makes a living off pandering to the Ibrox masses.

It’s clear to see the era of Celtic dominance has broken the bitter Gers man.

The very notion the SFA have it in for the Ibrox club is laugh out loud ridiculous.

Had it not been for them, the new club would not have been fast tracked into the league system.

Celtic are currently at odds with the SFA over refereeing in this country after a season of outlandish decisions from both the whistlers and the compliance officer.

Nacho needs a lie down.


  1. A full weight tosspot this guy, he should stick to pulling slops in his dung heap pub, By the way, I wonder if he has sorted out his repayment plan with hmrc with regards to his ebt?

  2. C’mon guys! Wee Nacho does not have access to anything inside that big space between his ears.
    The guy needs help and lives in a fantasy world. He actually thinks he can read a newspaper from a mile away. This little chap has to be pitied. When brains were given out, they forgot about him. Nothing he says is worth paying the slightest attention to.

  3. Nacho used his ‘Ebt’ money to lure some other players wife into his bed
    So when It comes to being a cheating B’stard. You win hands down. #WHYDIYSNN. WHYDIYSWP
    WHYDIYSNN.FABFTIRA.# Nacho we salute you in song forever. The only hun in his village when he was a kid. = DOB.

  4. Sorry am I missing something here, Are we still champions or not, Are we still not the most dominant team in Scotland, Are we not going for a “Treble Treble Treble” I must have fallen out of my bed this morning and banged my head, Then I looked at my mirror and said to myself, Thank F”ck I Am Still A Tim” And not a deluded braindead bigoted piece of shit supporting Deidco FC. PS If you think that my club’s dominance has taken a negative approach and your Circus act from CG/Skull, Sit back put your safety harness on you are in for one f’ckng hell of a bumpy ride, You are about to see what it is like to be “Dominent” Winning & Playing Football, “THE GLASGOW CELTIC WAY”, THAT’S WHY WERE CHAMPIONS, HERE WE GO 10 IN A ROW.


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