CELTIC’S record signing has gone off the boil in recent weeks. With only two strikers in our squad, the pressure intensifies on both Edouard and Griffiths to get the job done.

Celtic fans are seeing Leigh Griffiths get the goals right now and is rightly being praised.

Let’s remember, however, that Eddy was playing on the left last night and wasn’t best placed to get among the goals.

We should also remember the fantastic cross he put in for Leigh in the first half the Scottish striker wasted.

The Frenchman is only 20, and there is going to be inconsistency in his game but we can see what Eddy can do when he has the confidence.

Both players will be vital to the bhoys until reinforcements can hopefully arrive in January to help the cause.

Some Celtic fans have been over critical of Edouard but there is some who still believe the player will ultimately be a success.

After all, the striker is not the only one underperforming at the club right now.

Here are some thoughts from some Celtic fans.


  1. Watching Edouard of late he favours coming off the left side. Remember the goal he scored at the crumbledone was from that side. The question for me is can he play in a 2? He has the ability it is now about unlocking it.


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