It has to be said that James Forrest must be absolutely dynamite in training as he’s now on the third manager who has put their faith in him at the start of their tenure.

Last night, the winger did his job well and looked active down that left-hand side whenever he got the chance.

The one thing with Forrest though, for every good game we get from him we usually get five bad ones from him. Through injury, complacency or just a lack of consistency the player has went down in many fans estimations with an overall majority thinking he should move on.

He is yet to sign a contract extension with the club but on last nights team and performance does Brendan hold stock in Forrest’s ability and will he get the best out of him going forward?

Many will remain sceptical of this until he can churn out good performances on a consistent basis but was last night a start in doing so? Or will the winger revert back into his shell when things aren’t going Celtic’s way?

It’s easy to look good when you’re in control of a game and enjoy the lion’s share of possession but is he someone who can grab the game by the scruff of the neck and make something happen when all looks lost. I believe Paddy Roberts is that player, with increased competition, it is now up to James to throw one last roll of the dice to prove he’s worthy of the starting spot Rodgers sees him in.






  1. I wouldn’t have him anywhere near the first team if he’s not going to sign a new contract let someone like Nesbitt get a game instead.

  2. he was playing against part-timers in parts i thot he was ok, nothing better than ok.
    he wasnt on PRs level if he had been i might have thought he had turned a corner, for me time he went.

  3. I agree with John. The only corner Forrest should be turning is the one at Lon don Road on his way out of Celtic Park.
    He has had more chances that Hugh Dallas had.

  4. Yeah you’re right he was good for 40 minutes ! Must be the most over-rated player to have been at Celtic for so long.

  5. Must have watched a doff entry game to me last night if you thought he played well. Never done a thing. He should be paying like the rest of us to watch Celtic

  6. Hmmm, great idea…Yes let’s do that and whilst we at it…let’s give Efe a five year contract…crazy talk 🙁

  7. He is a waste of a jersey.While we are at it Efe,Johansen,cifci,Boyata,and probably Biton should go with him.Oh and Peter Lawell and some of the board too.Wee question can anyone tell me what all the members of the board contribute to our club.

  8. ‘All the players are back — and I think the gaffer has said it’s the best he’s seen a Celtic team play at Fir Park. ‘It’s hard to say before the game if a point would be a good result. We’re just going to go over there in the right frame of mind.

  9. His header floated towards the keeper’s top corner but never with the required velocity to beat him. Ridgers was earning his corn. When Commons turned provider for Forrest, the winger looked to have picked his spot in the bottom corner with a side-foot only for the keeper’s agility to leave the Celtic star with his head buried in his hands. It served to embolden the home side.


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