Chris Sutton has come out and had a dig at Leigh Griffiths for his performance in Austria on Thursday night.

The former Celtic striker also had a go at the goal scorer Odsonne Edouard, for not doing much else after his second minute goal.

Leigh and Edouard were not-existant for large portions of the game with Celtic under the cosh, neither striker gave midfielders a credible out ball to alleviate the pressure.

With Celtic leading for 45 minutes, they needed a strong second half from their front men but it didn’t come.

However, Sutton has gone one further with his Leigh Griffiths commentary and suggested the striker is overweight.

“To my eye, he just doesn’t look fully fit. He might even be carrying a bit of extra weight.” Sutton declared on his Daily Record blog.

“I’m a massive fan of his finishing but it needs more. The Scotland striker barely contributed a thing the other night.

“I think he got his body in front once to win a free-kick when he needed to do it 10 times.”

Has the pundit crossed a line here? Or is there something in what Sutton is saying?

Leigh Griffiths and Odsonne Edouard must be stronger in Europe if we are to have any chance of progressing but how will they fair in Germany.


  1. Couldn’t blame the two strikers much as we were pinned back time after time
    and there wasn’t a lot of service up front…if the game was more even you could
    then start to point fingers but that wasn’t the case.

    • They didn’t appear to be moving enough,along runs for the out ball.
      It was always just a clearance up the park that went to a Salzburg player.
      Didn’t appear to be then chasing them down enough.

    • nonsense, the 2 strikers showed for nothing and helped no one, griffiths is 1 of most average strikers we’ve had in years, he’s decent at best domestically but in Europe he’s absolutely awful, his childlike strops the other night and his baby elephant 1st touch were embarrassing to watch. If he’s our idea of number 1 striker we’re in deep crap. Average and 3rd choice striker at best.

  2. the two strikers didn’t work the salzburg defence hard enough particularly in the second half, eddie doesn’t come alive unless he is close enough to score and is lackadaical in his approach to defensive duties, ie from the front, whereas leigh does try to force defenders. however it is not only the two front men who are misfiring, the goals from midfield have dried up and we have lost our way as a team. i think we will sort it out but it will be down to hard work and back to the pressing game

  3. He is only saying it as it is,!we used to get goals from mid field,when is the last time we rained in shots from distance,ie,edge of or outside the box,????it is painfully obvious now that these teams ,particularly at home are crowding us out ,no room to get a strike in,we have seen loads of times a gap opens up,but a pass is preferred,and the chance/half chance is lost,don’t understand why,!!!!!!

  4. Sutton 100 percent right to criticise, the amount of times the defence and mid won ball and needed an out only 2 look up and c lazy and exceptionally lazy standing still or running into an area that couldn’t be passed to. Sick of griffiths he’s been turned into some kind of cult hero cos he jumps about like a ned, waves flags, sings awe the songs but unfortunately he’s our kriss boy, decent enuff domestically when he can be bothered but abysmal when stepping up a level.

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