CHARLY MUSONDA has not had the best start to his Celtic career.

A loss against Kilmarnock and a draw at home to St Johnstone has made the settling in period a bit rougher than he’d have liked it to be.

However, the midfielder gave Callum McGregor that great assist in the home leg against Zenit which was a touch of class.

Charly shows wisdom beyond his years as he looks to settle in at the club and realised straight off the bat what is expected of him and how the opposition view Celtic.

“It has been really hard, but I expected that.” Charly admitted.

“In the Premier League there are more 50/50 games, but this is Celtic. We are expected to win every time because I think we have much better players than every single team.

“Everybody wants to beat us, so they give everything in the matches and there are more personal duels.

“It’s normal that teams will come to rough us up. For myself I just try to play my game and accept that is the way it is.

“It is good to go up against players who are going to bring that toughness, and this will help me develop as a footballer.”




  1. Aye Charlie, the sad thing is you won’t get any protection from referee’s here in Scotland especially if your a skilful ball player with Celtic. It will certainly toughen you up for the future down south where some of the referee’s might be incompetent but at least they are appointed to games for their neutrality.

  2. Charlie knows that the hatchet men, of whom there are plenty, will be going for him, but it is up to the refs to be more than fair, and protect the boy.! None more so than today, and at ibrokes!. Go show them Charlie, and throw a wee goal in also ,and you will have arrived here at Paradise. Hail Hail


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