Former Celtic and Sky Sports man Davie Provan has used his SunSport column to laugh off the notion The Rangers can compete with Celtic anytime soon.

Provan believes King is getting an easy ride because they are close to Celtic in the league at present but after it was revealed they were in £14million worth of debt the former player believes they have forgotten about the last club’s liquidation if they think they can compete with the Scottish Champions.

Provan Wrote: ‘Seems Gers supporters have forgotten the club’s liquidation already. They are too busy pinching themselves they are close to Celtic in the League table.

‘Days earlier, Peter Lawwell was given the same kid gloves treatment from Hoops shareholders despite the champs’ woeful performance in last summer’s transfer market.

‘But at least Lawwell could point to a bulging trophy cabinet, and a £27million surplus in the bank.

‘A far cry from Ibrox where their losses doubled to more than £14m last year.

‘With total losses since Rangers’ 2012 liquidation nudging £40m, who in their right mind believes that those figures are sustainable?’

Celtic and the Ibrox side are on the same points at the moment with the bhoys having a game in hand.

Financially, the Glasgow club cannot compete with Celtic and the thought that they might be able to anytime soon is fantasy.

Unsustainable debt to get to this point has been bad enough Provan states and the further they try and chase Celtic the worse it’s going to get for the Ibrox side.



  1. The way the Sevconians are saying Morelos is worth HunnerZ a MullyinZ of Sevco Notes.Sell him and Bring that Other Club Out of Liquidation.And pay HMRC and all the other poor creditors that are owed millions.Then Rangers in Liquidation can talk about DIGNITY!!!!!They are an Embarrassment to Scottish Football.Whining n Greeting about Celtic players celebrating scoring goals v Them.I recall Rangers in Liquidation doing the Huddle at Parkhead.These vermin have short memories.They are extremely lucky they have A New Club to follow

  2. They Wurra Peepul..They Wurra Days…Still In Liquidation..They seem to conveniently Not mention the Other Clubs plight.Oh apologies,They think its Still the Same Club…Cant wait for 10 In A Row to be Achieved.And the Rancid Club (Clubs) are put Well and Truly in there place.Mon the HooPs.HH


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