Name – Amido Baldé

Age- 22

Height – 1.93cm

Weight – 88 kg

Wanted for – Potentially saving embarrassing score lines.

Last known whereabouts – Warming a bench in the east end of Glasgow.


Does anyone remember Amido Baldé? On the 13th of June we signed this man for 2.5 million pounds & so far he’s kicked the ball 3 times in anger for the hoops. Now I’m not saying that in those 3 games he’s been bad or good. But surly in a game where we need a goal the first man we should turn to is the 2.5 million pound striker sitting on the bench. So far the only real chances Baldé has had in the first team is scoring in the 0-1 win over Liverpool & running the length of the pitch to celebrate the winning goal in Celtic’s win over Shakhter Karagandy.

Tonight after going 1-0 down we sent Van Dijk upfront to be a target man. Now I understand that we had used all our subs, but surly when it’s still 0-0 in a match against Morton we should be looking to bring on the man we spent 2.5 million pound on. Now this isn’t the first case of Lennon completely ignoring a striker. Bangura to many Celtic fans is simply not good enough for the hoops. But did he ever really get a chance? For me playing the last few minutes in games that are already over isn’t been given a real opportunity. Another example is Miku a man who came to Celtic with a decent record in Spain. Finally given chance due to injuries he played great in the 2-1 win over Barcelona but after was completely ignored for vast majority of the season. The final example is Paweł Brożek a man who was at Celtic for a 6 month loan spell & he played a total of 45 minutes for the club.

Will Baldé suffer the same fate as these 3 strikers? Only time will tell but it’s safe to say Neil Lennon has a track record of not giving players a real chance, I personally hope Baldé is given an opportunity in the next few weeks.

 – @AidanRitchie27


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