Isn’t alcohol a drug? Kelvin Wilsons hilarious account of a post-match victory over a star-studded Barcelona team has the internet in a giggle.

Wilson told how himself, Mulgrew, Xavi & Alexis Sanchez all got called in for a drug test after that most famous night at Celtic Park. If I was in charge of drug tests that night I would have had the whole Celtic team in the drug room. Such was the performance as Celtic recorded a 2-1 win in an electric Paradise atmosphere.

Speaking with Open Goal Wilson recalls…

“We all had to go in the drugs room and we just sat there and had a few beers, me and Charlie. “Charlie’s trying to have banter with them. “They’re looking at Charlie and looking at each other like, ‘What’s this twat on about?’

“I’m looking at Charlie like, shut up.

This story was hilarious enough and then the prodigal son popped up on his Instagram to wade in with some more “truth” on the encounter.


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