SCOTT BROWN has been called out by Wreslter and Gers Fan Drew McIntrye during a TalkSport interview.

The WWE star who used to wrestle for local Glasgow indy promotion ICW was asked what footballer he’d like to face in the ring.

Drew gave it some thought and concluded he’d want to face Scott Brown because the Celtic captain really riles him up!

We don’t fancy Drew’s chances against the Celtic captain who would surely hold his own with the ‘Scottish Psychopath’ in a WWE ring.

Brown never fails to get under the skin of Ibrox players and fans alike. He managed to get three Gers players suspended in just one game back in March.

The Celtic captain is on the cusp of another treble with the bhoys and has helped steady the ship when Brendan Rodgers left as manager.

Once his playing days are over, he should head stateside to drop an elbow on Drew!


  1. It’s so easy to rile and wind up 1000s of rangers fans ..just by wearing a green & white top riles them dicks up 😂 it’s comical they make a whole big deal about scott brown windin them up but if he was a rangers player they & the media would be saying it is nothing more than banter ” a bit of fun ” he likes to wind the opposition up ” ” their’s nothing malicious & wrong with what he does” he stirs it up but it’s only for a bit of a laugh , that’s what rangers would be saying if he played for them but because he is the captain of celtic & they all can’t deal with what he does they want him lynched , he is no where as bad as most the rangers players who deliberately try injure either a celtic player or an opponent they just can’t handle the success he has had against them he lives in there minds rent free 🤣

  2. Hmm, just another loud mouth bun, by the sound of his braying, he should be playing for the tribute team.


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