Not for the first time in the last 2 seasons, Rangers players left the field of play to the roar of the Celtic faithful.

Silly Murty foolishly bragged about his Sevco team roaring when the drew Celtic for the semi-final. The only roaring the Rangers players were doing today was at each other. Murty admitted after 35 minutes he got his tactics wrong when he brought on Windass who had zero impact on the Celtic steam engine.

Celtic, to a man, won every single battle on the park today, it took the Rangers 55 minutes to register a shot at goal. The Sevco end of the stadium was well emptied out by 70 minutes.

Murty had a slim chance of remaining at the helm at Ibrox next season. Brendan Rodgers made sure he was sent packing today. The Celtic gaffer recorded his tenth Glasgow Derby win and has yet to taste defeat.



  1. Always a ride, never the bride. Always the support act. Never the main attraction. HHTCAH. COYBIG BRFA 🇮🇪 YTDP
    ‘ What’s Mcrorie daein’ 😀

  2. I attended my first game versus an Ibrox club in the early 1970s but since they died and this entity sprang up this is only the second one I have watched and only because I was pressurised into doing so. But this was the most one-sided game I have ever seen between the two and that includes hammerings handed out by them and by us. I have not seen them playing once this season but they are brutal. I cannot believe that anyone who used to support Rangers would still identify that as Rangers. Even on Rangers media which I had a schadenfraude look at had one comment saying ‘we did die in 2012’. How do you get that shower to challenge Celtic. But what worries me is they have scored more league goals than us this season so far! Let’s get the treble won Celtic and do our own rebuilding to ensure that this pattern is repeated for the foreseeable future.

  3. The Daily Ranger is saying that Halliday was shouting at a supporter but on other more reliable sites it is claimed he was shouting at Murty. And Candeias was also shouting expletives and stormed down the tunnel as Murts was closing up shop at 3-0. Damage limitation in a cup semi at 3-0 down. And those clowns claim this is Rangers? All in all it is very funny some real bear on bear action over the next few days. ZIf only Celtic had not given up after going 3-0 it could have been 7 or 8. I wouldn’t mind Lenny taking all the points next week and us playing them to win the league at Paradise. Some of our players seem to only show up when there is something to play for.


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