The Ferencvaros game on Tuesday afternoon was the first time the new vaccine passport checks were put in place outside the stadium.

Our editor was at the game and tweeted out about the procedure and how quickly things went

What we do understand from Tuesday is there was just visual spot checks being done. Fans had to show their app to get access to the stadium.

We’re told down the line there could be capability of scanning the barcode to verify your status.

Speaking about the Celtic Park setup the Health Secretary Humza Yousaf said the scheme went off without a hitch:

“I have had feedback from the Celtic game and it’s been very positive.” Humza Yousaf Told RecordSport

“There were no issues at all with the checks and no issues in terms of the crowd who were very compliant when asked to show their status records.

“So far, so good.

“Another challenge will be the weekend up ahead.”

It’s mandatory to get into events at Celtic Park now for the foreseeable future. Not everyone will be asked to show proof of vaccine and it will continue to be spot checks.

Celtic take on St Johnstone on Saturday and we’ll see how things evolve.

The club have no say in the matter and this is strict government policy. If Celtic were not to comply it would risk the stadium being shut down.

Let’s hope any future checks are as smooth as Tuesday.


  1. “Positive”?, ” “so far so good”? How dare that little incubus Hamza Yusuf declare such a vile right-wing draconian policy which is in breach of the important Nuremberg Code as “positive.” This government needs removed by the people for introducing such a disgusting passport system for a trial and experimental dangerous vaccine for a mild respiratory condition which is nowhere near as dangerous as Influenza. The scamdemic is a war against the people not a battle against a killer virus. Time to fight back. No vaccine. Not ever.

    • You really need to get to grips. The vaccine is not experimental, it’s been developed over a good number of years, got released early as normally it is funding that delays these being approved. Not the case this time. “mild respiratory condition” So you haven’t seen somebody slowly die of Covid I’d guess. If you don’t want to take the vaccine that is up to you, nobody is forcing you to have it but with that you have to face the consequences of your actions.

    • Clown.

      Every country in the world is using the vaccine to save its citizens.

      You are typical of the ignorant minority who somehow know more about vaccines & covid than medical professionals.

      What qualifications do you have?

      A degree from the University of Looney Tunes?

      You cant even spell the Health Secretary’s name correctly-or was that just a piece of casual racism?

      98% of the covid deaths in England Jan to June were unvaccinated.

      The NHS, unfortunately, are swamped dealing with unvaccinated covid sufferers but, hey, why should you care. As soon as you catch it you’ll expect to be treated asap.

      You’ve already bored the pants off everyone with your c#ap and said you wont ever return to Celtic Park so stick to that and we’ll all be safer.

      You’re no more a Celtic fan than Kris Boyd

    • So millions of people worldwide have died of an imaginary illness that every government in the world have conspired together to control their populations! Really, the same ones who can’t agree on how to save the planet! Oh wait, you probably believe that climate change is a massive hoax as well & that the glaciers etc aren’t really melting, it’s all trick photography! Seen the video of people like you harassing NHS staff in Colchester & blaming the pope? you’re a dangerous bunch of numpties???

  2. Ticket holder, not even a season ticket holder anymore, as me and my three mates chip in for one, and neither of them could make Tuesdays game.
    So they sold it to me, before I could wrestle it off of their cold dead hands.

    Ticket Holder had covid (in September 21 and has covalent antibodies and no jags.)
    Celtic season ticket holder (legit, only one name ever on application online) Never had covid has had two astra zenica’s at jag centre.

    So how many Huddlers in 445 have covid now?

    Just made a mockery of their so called system. Eijjits.


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