An emotional Chris Sutton was on the BBC on Tuesday morning speaking about his late father’s struggle with dementia.

Sutton’s father Mike was also a professional footballer and died from the illness last year.

The links between Sport and dementia have only grown over the years and if you keep up with Chris, you know he’s been advocate of new concussion protocols and ways for footballers to be protected.

BBC posted a clip of Sutton talking about his late father and it’s heartbreaking.

The former Celtic striker doesn’t want more generations of ex-footballers and their families going through the same horrendous ordeal and has called on football to act.

“I’ve seen numerous incidents this season where players have a head injury and they are not taken off the pitch.” Chris told the BBC.

“To look after a player correctly, surely the most sensible thing is to take your time, get him off the pitch and have an independent doctor look at him in the sanctuary of the dressing room?

“There are preventative measures we can put in place which are certainly going to help the modern player and generations to come.”

It’s something that has to be taken very seriously. The health and safety of sportsmen and women are of the upmost importance.

We shouldn’t be turning a blind eye to the reality of what some have gone through since leaving the game.

We have seen Billy McNeill suffer a similar fate in later life. Any preventive measures should be welcomed by all’s


  1. Work related so many other diseases caused by work related conditions lung diseases crippling arthritis all through working conditions that should also be highlighted chris father is a terrible diseases due to heading balls boxer are the same so sorry for chris and everybody who’s watch there family member or members of family suffer my grandad and father died of lung disease fighting for there breathe no nice well done Chris the other side of work related diseases


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