Robbie Neilson was still banging on about the Celtic game on Sunday when his side took on Livingston in the SPFL.

The manager has become a parody of himself with his ridiculous crusade that would have so much more credence had Celtic not lost their early season game at Tynecastle due to Andy Halliday NOT being sent off for a horror tackle on Callum McGregor AND Celtic having a legitimate goal called offside.

Yet, the Hearts manager keeps crying in the media that he’s not benefited from favourable decisions in the recent past.

Speaking to BBC Radio Scotland, the Hearts gaffer was also irritated Crawford Allan came out in the media to talk about it even though he had words with the referee chief before he went onto BBC Scotland.

“I was surprised because I tried to get in contact with Crawford on Friday morning and was told he hadn’t seen the game and wouldn’t be available until Friday the 10th due to annual leave.

“So I took that to be and then I heard him on the radio explaining it, having watched the game and (having) spoken to the referee so that was pretty disappointing.

“I would have liked a wee bit of clarification before I listened to the radio and from what I took from it he kind of backed up what we thought after the game.

“I tried a couple of times to speak to the SFA. I might get something next week. We’ll wait and see.”

The lack of self awareness from Neilson is bordering on ridiculous.

Celtic won a marginal decision that pundits are still debating whether it was offside or not.

It’s a concerted effort to try and influence officials going forward. Given the amount of wrong offside calls on Sunday against Celtic at Tannadice, their efforts might very well be working.



  1. I think Neilson’s brain has been fried with washing his hair in the chip fat. He’s got a team of hooligans and is better putting his gas on a peep as his players risk opposite players careers and cause controversy in every game, just like their Glasgow cousins.

  2. Neilson is a cry baby, what a lame excuse for a manager. Awww diddums, get poor wee Robbie a big box of tissues as he’s goney need them this season. Away and get your hair cut ya rabid wee nyaff, Neilson.


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