HEARTS fans have been caught on camera attacking a Celtic supporters bus, throwing missiles and generally acting like idiots.

Celtic and Hearts are at Murrayfield for the League Cup semi-final and it looks like police are struggling to keep things in order.

It looks like they may have done damage to this particular bus.

Celtic fans have been travelling in their thousands to get to the Capital for today’s game and have been hit with a terrible ScotRail service and reports of crushes at the stadium as security checks are carried out.

The Hearts fans were looking to do damage there just minutes away from Murrayfield and there’s no police in sight.

Pretty poor to say the least.


  1. Fuckin vermin…. great answer on the pitch today Bhoys….put the pretenders back in their box nxt weekend as well…..Hail Hail….✊🍀⚽

  2. The scum and embarrassment of the east of Scotland,when will they get it in to their mongo heads that the best team in Scotland always prevails HH.

  3. These Hearts fans are just as bad as the Klan who follow Sevco. Pathetic and horrible excuses for human beings. Both are Scotland’s shame and it is time the Civic authorities sorted it. It all comes from the same kind of “peepul”. Civic Scotland seems afraid to act against them and always deflect and go for softer touches.

    Well done Celtic today – and their fans. The bhoys were excellent, as was their behaviour on the park. That cannot be said for certain Hearts players. It seems to be part of training to foul a Celtic player and then shout abuse as he lies on the ground. Shameful actions. Levein’s influence?

    Praise is due to the whole team, but I have to praise Sinclair and Christie for coming on and doing so well. Quel substitutions!! Special praise and a mention to our goalie Scott Bain today for his solid performance. I have been saying for ages that he is far better than Gordon and brings more calm to the defence, who look more solid in front of him. In my opinion, Scott Bain should be the number 1.
    His distribution and reading of the game is fantastic. He passes the ball out safely rather than punting it out to players. He comes and gathers high crosses and anticipates threats. As well as this he positions himself well to make solid saves. I hope that he now cements his place in the team.

  4. Were is the lazy police,when these things happen,I’m beginning to wonder that these fat lazy Police Commanders,are picking up easy money ,can’t be bothered to put decent security into place, seems to be the thing nowadays ,take a great salary and actually do nothing,time the SNP hauled in the Chiefs of Police Scotland and start asking them questions of what they actually do on Match Days ,and if Sturgeon doesn’t get a true response,sack the whole lot.of them, they are F_____g useless anyway.

  5. Laugh is they would have ran if the bhoys in bus were allowed out. Hearts fans easy prey they pick on innocent people never seen them pick on real hard core fans. They are scum


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