Hearts have been left looking ridiculous after a judicial panel upheld the two-match ban that was imposed on their player Jamie Walker for diving to win a penalty last Sunday. Hearts went to Hampden to fight the charge but were left in no doubt about what the SFA thought of the players actions.

EVERYBODY who has seen the footage knows that Walker cheated in order to gain the equalising penalty against Celtic. This didn’t stop Hearts boss Robbie Neilson going off in Donald Trump-esk rants about the player’s guilt. Neilson went in too deep when he blamed the ref, then proclaimed the player had been touched and if there’s “any” contact in the box it should be a penalty.

Walker has previous for this sort of blatant cheating and is lucky to get away with just a two-match ban.

Here is the SFA Compliance officer statement:

Alleged party in breach: Jamie Walker (Heart of Midlothian)
Match: Heart of Midlothian v Celtic (SPFL Premiership) – Sunday, 7th August 2016

Disciplinary rule allegedly breached:

Disciplinary Rule 201 – At the above match you committed an act of simulation in that you did pretend that you were fouled by a player on the opposing team, namely Kieran Tierney, and did thereafter dive in the penalty box of the opposing team. That this act of simulation caused a match official to make an incorrect decision, namely the incorrect awarding of a penalty to Heart of Midlothian FC.

Outcome: Compliance officer referral upheld – two match immediate suspension applied



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  1. Not only that George, but Neilson has shown himself to be untrustworthy himself, with his ridiculous statements. He and Walker are an embarrassment to Scottish football in my opinion. Walker has previous for this and another Hearts player tried the same thing again in the second half, but this time the referee was wise to it.
    Who is giving the players these instructions?
    As well as this, there were seven bookings for thuggish behaviour and many of their fans are no better as TV pictures demonstrated. Some Club. It appears to be a den of hatred and nasty behaviour. I can only presume the owner condones all this as she has not made any statements condemning it. Utter hypocrisy.


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