Hearts player Loic Damour has taken a big swipe at Celtic captain Scott Brown – telling the media Broony believes he’s the referee.

In a bizarre attack on the Celtic midfielder, the Hearts player details how Brown thinks he can do whatever he wants even though during the game he was yellow carded.

“I enjoyed the battle, especially with Brown, I think his name is.” Damour told Evening News.

“Apparently he is like the king of the league because he can do whatever he wants on the pitch and the referee never says anything.

“He is the referee on the pitch and that is seemingly normal here. I was very frustrated about that so I wanted to let him know we have a referee on the pitch and he is not the referee.

“He plays his game but he also plays like the referee so it is like we have no referee on the pitch.”

Brown was instrumental for Celtic, even helping the team along the way be contributing to the second goal where he won the ball in the middle of the park fair and square.

There’s a perception Scott Brown is some sort of thug when the Celtic captain plays within the rules of the game. He’s aggressive but fair, and will make sure if you take liberties with him that you know not to again. However, the obsession with the Celtic captain is quite unhealthy and apparently doesn’t stop at Ibrox.

He’s a serial winner and still playing at the top of his game. So many pretenders have shot their mouth off about the midfielder only to be sent packing.

Celtic won fair and square on the night against Hearts and it would appear we have some sour grapes.



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