STEVEN NAISMITH has been offered a two-match ban for his thuggish and cowardly stamp on Scott Brown at the weekend.

The former Ibrox striker got away with not one but two outrageous challenges on Brown and Forrest – the latter challenge a potential leg breaker.

Hearts boss and perennial whinger Craig Levein told the media that Hearts would challenge any ban imposed on Naismith should one come his way.

Now he’s been offered a two-match ban it will be up to Hearts if they want to appeal the decision which could land the player with a longer ban.

Such is the silly nature of the SFA’s business dealings – Naismith is able to play in tonight’s game as the club don’t have to respond to the SFA until 3pm on Thursday.

The kicker being that Naismith is due back down south after this weekend. He could serve one of his two matches at the weekend with the other being served if he ever returns to Scottish football.


  1. Blatant deliberate oremeditated and Levein will appeal it,ffs is he for real.But then when have the Jambos ever taken anything,Gracefully.Naismith is a twisted little Ogre.Scott or James couldve ended up with a bad injury with his antics.Disgraceful


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