CELTIC and Hearts will meet at Murrayfield at the end of October and the hype for the game is already underway.

The cup tie takes on greater significance after Celtic went head to head with the SPFL around the treatment of the club when it came to the semi-final venue.

The Bet Fred Cup holders felt it unfair the bhoys would have to move their game to Murrayfield without explanation or a ballot taking place in order to fairly decide what semi-final left the national stadium.

With the ticket allocations now decided, Hearts have put their briefs on sale to their fans and have boasted they have sold over 5k tickets to Murrayfield in an hour.

They have challenged their fanbase to make Murrayfield a ‘Sea of Maroon’ and make it feel like a home game. Something Celtic felt aggrieved by as the Hearts fans have played many recent games at the stadium.

After the ticket boast, the Jambos official twitter went onto post the last semi-final contested between the pair.

That day a late penalty decision put Celtic out of the competition with former bhoy Craig Beattie scoring from the spot.

Celtic are still to put their allocation of tickets on sale but have outlined the parameters of who has first refusal.

If you have attended any of the two away League cup games this season or are on the home cup ticket scheme you will be first in line.


  1. Come on we could fill that ground on our own let them hearts fans buy theres will they fill half the ground maybe maybe not lets see sit back and watch they seem to running as fast as they can to watch there team turned over.. lol

  2. The Celtic fans should boycott the game. Let the SFA suffer financially on this one, we have the power, money talks. I we lose so be it.


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