STEVIE NAISMITH has finally responded to the criticism he received for hanging over an injured Jonny Hayes and shouting abuse as the Irishman lay unresponsive.

Jonny Hayes had made an honest challenge for the ball when he brought down Naismith who proceeded to act like a thug.

The footballer, who is about to take up a position in the Sportsound team this season spoke about the incident to Sportsound and finally held his hands up to his disgusting actions.

He said: “To be honest, looking back on it, after when Jonny is down I had the red mist. It was a tackle that had come in, actually when I had done my first knee injury that was pretty similar. That was going through my head and I was totally wrong in my reaction.

“But again it was the heat of the moment. Even after it I was saying to Jonny Hayes during the game ‘are you alright?’ I didn’t realise he was that injured at the time, it was a reaction to being scythed down.”

Naismith has had previous for acting like a thug against Celtic, he stamped on the Celtic captain last term without repercussion and he could have easily seen red this time around.

At least he has apologised for his actions on the occasion.


  1. Naismith does not know the meaning of the word Honest! What about when he kicked lumps out of Scott Brown during the same game. Naismith is a thug and a clown.

  2. Walk away merchant. Can these cunts ever find a bit of dignity. They have been allowed so much rubber earring by Scotland’s Journists. Your debts will find you or you family. It’s called Karma. Enjoy your career Hun. You are a thug,be proud. I have brought my lads up to play the game. You are a disgrace to football. Be happy, !!!!!!!!?.

  3. Why do the Media insist in calling them Rangers nowadays, The are called SEVCO!!! There is no “old firm” anymore unless you count Celtic v Patrick Thistle!!!


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