Celtic fans are picking over the bones of what could have been after the team went crashing out of the Europa League.

The bhoys could have won the game in the first half if the first leg but individual errors in both games meant we gave Copenhagen plenty of encouragement.

The Celtic Support are hurting at the moment and looking to assert blame.

It’s probably a concoction of things which have worked against us. Not investing in first team players in January is up there. Neil Lennon playing a changed side from his winning formula another and the players he usually depends on not coming up with the goods.

Many people believe Lawwell’s influence and prudent approach to Celtic’s recruitment is holding us back from doing more damage in Europe.

Domestically we’ve been on fire but Celtic should be striving to be the best they can in Europe.


  1. Half fit players, played out of posision. No courage for the badge or wages they’re on. We now all have Copenhaganvirus. They sneezed the Hoops fell down. Shocking. That’s what happens when you believe paper hype.

    • Yous are all moaning about a regime which has brought us title after title treble after treble and onto another one we’ll I’ve got one word Rangers if it was simply the case of not spending how come Rangers are where they are in Europe just looking for somebody something to blame its quite simple it happens that’s football one team wins and the other loses it just so happens we got beat on the night I don’t get this oh its because we’re not spending money like I say one word and I’m not going to mention them again

      • Correct. We can’t go down the “spend our way out” it’ll only end in disaster. I just had a feeling all day yesterday that it was going to go wrong. Our major blow was Ryan Christie being out. I think we play better when he’s on the pitch.


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