HENRIK LARSSON has sensationally quit as boss of Helsingborg for a second time just TWO months into his latest run it has been revealed.

The Swede’s last run as manager ended badly when Helsingborg were relegated and Henrik Larsson was pictured trying to fight off his own fans from attacking his son Jordan.

He surprised many when he returned to the role back in June. After just eight games, the Celtic legend has walked away from the club.

Record Sport are reporting the Swede walked away due to verbal abuse from his own fans.

The Helsingborg Chairman is to investigate the reason behind Larsson’s departure but salutes the Swede for helping get Helsingborg out of the relegation zone.

Record Sport writes: Helsingborgs chairman Krister Azelius has announced the club will investigate the circumstances leading to Larsson’s departure.

Larsson started his playing career with the club and even has a statue outside of the stadium in his honour. It’s shocking if Henrik has felt the need to walk away because of abuse.


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