Henrik Larsson has waited almost a long time to let John Hartson know that he Chris Sutton and the Swedish legend were regularly invited around to Martin O’Neill’s house for Sunday dinner but the Welshman never got an invite.

1st Star are hosting a live legends night on Friday and gave us a glimpse of what’s to come from the Celtic trifecta which had so much success under the Irishman.

There was no doubt in Celtic fans mind what the pecking order was when it came to our strikers but Martin O’Neill made sure he had his favourites.

The three players all played a massive role in Celtic’s success, with racking up title wins and Henrik who stopped the ten all those years ago.

Martin O’Neill was an old school manager who could sometimes be the players best friends but at other times blank them and make them have to earn his attention by training hard and showing up when it mattered.


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